Domenica Farms

Farming As It Should Be

We farm with integrity, responsibility, and transparency. At Domenica Farms, we believe that farming is both an art and a science. When we work together with the land and animals, we create an environment where all of us thrive.

100% grass-fed cattle.

Nichiyobi: Certified Grass Fed & Finished Akaushi Beef

We Farm With Focus

We keep our farm small, because we believe quality matters more than quantity. Fewer cattle allows us to engage the very best practices for holistic farming, animal welfare and land and natural resource conservation.

We Believe in Savoring

Excellent food starts with high-quality ingredients. We believe our farming practices produce the most flavorful, nutrient-dense food possible. Join us at the table for our next chef’s dinner, where local culinary experts create an exceptional dining experience using ingredients from Domenica and surrounding farms.