Farming As It Should Be

On the Farm

Our small herd of cattle roam across the pastures

grazing on grass rich in nutrients and hay harvested right here on the farm.
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Cast of Characters

Guineas sprinkle the land, our chemical-free pest control.

Four Great Pyrenees farm dogs lumber up to greet visitors while the goats rest in the barn. Of course there are some crazy days on the farm: spring calving season, breaking ice from dawn to dusk in winter. But at the end of those days, we walk into the house, enjoy a delicious meal and a glass of wine (or two), and reflect on our blessings.
We discovered these 137 acres on a Sunday, so the name Domenica is just right—translated to Sunday in Italian. We adore the Italian culture, and we share their value for holistic farm and garden practices and their passion for family, food and good living.

Robin & Christopher Barry

Christopher, a neurosurgeon in private practice in Oklahoma City, and Robin, a nurse and passionate cook, had farming in their blood.

When they created Domenica Farms, they hadn’t lived on a farm in decades. Robin grew up on a working cattle farm in south central Oklahoma, while Christopher was raised on a small hobby farm in northeastern Ohio, not far from the Ohio River Valley. In the midst of fulfilling careers in medicine, they both realized something was missing. They longed to return to a place with fresh and bountiful food and clean and open land. This became their dream.

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 At Domenica Farms, pesticides and herbicides are all avoided. The focus is holistic grazing with pasture and ground cover crop rotation. The cattle are 100% grass fed. Domenica believes in transparency, responsibility, sincerity and stewardship of the land, animals and natural resources.

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